Adieu Dear Fr. Alex

Fr.Alexander Mary Bombera TOR, aged 98, died, Thursday morning, November 16, 2017 at St. Francis Friary ? Mt. Assisi, Loretto, after an extended illness. During his long and very faithful life he was assigned to his first mission in India in 1946 and served until 1968. It was at Charkapather Fr.Alex spent the last six years of his missionary life in India transforming a jungle into a flourishing mission.

At the arrival of our eight pioneer sisters to Charkapather, Fr.Alex even offered his own residence to stay for the sisters and he stayed under a tree preparing a small shed. He was with our dear sisters in their ups and downs of their daily life, teaching them to have the missionary spirit and the loyalty to the Congregation through his life experiences and models. That strengthened the pioneer sisters to withstand the teething troubles of the mission life. He spent a good deal of time in teaching them and initiating them to be the friend and supporter of the poor and needy. A great appreciation and happiness bloom in the face of our dear sisters whenever they speak about Fr.Alex Bombera.

A memorial Mass was arranged at Provincial House on 21 November, 2017 inviting our Sisters and TOR fraternity of Bhagalpur. Our Sisters participated in the Memorial Mass held at Franciscan Ashram on 20 November in which Our Bishop and all Bhagalpur diocesans and TOR Fraternity joined. Our Sisters led the choir of the day.

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